Attitude from Actions

Dump fried noodles into the rubbish bin
Obvious of such wastage
Explain through body gesture
No food wastage is allowed
Still she throws her own meal

Give her rice
She cooks and consumes noodle
Give her noodle
She cooks and eats rice
Give her dishes
Only to be left untouched

The drawer of neatly organised bowls
Turn into a mess
Bowls are arranged untidily
Things are lost
Placed elsewhere
Instead of being put into its original position

The one who look up to himself
Able to communicate to her
Found the lost bathroom slippers
Tell him to ask her diets
That is the suggestion from an elderly
Letting the person eats own words

Through such actions
Inside feel uncomfortable with such person
Her actions gives the sense of
Bad attitude
Attitude is shown through actions

Inspiration On: Friday, 4 March 2016

The new maid (from another country) throws the fried noodle given to her. What type of food does she eats? We can’t communicate due to different countries. As the employer, my family stand of point is to befriend the new maid and provide her a good working environment. However, the actions prove different. We give her rice, she chooses to cook and eat noodle for her meal. When we give her noodle, she cooks and eats rice. Give her dishes, she doesn’t eat. My dad suggests to me to tell my husband about it. Since my husband is the one who chooses the maid from another country, let him does the talking. When I ask the maid where she keeps all the bathroom slippers, she doesn’t understand my gesture. However, when my husband asks, she understands and brings the slipper.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

P.S. I choose not to name the maid’s country of origin because different types of people exist in every race and country.