Children & Adult with Autism

I have been questioning myself in order to understand myself better. There is an unexplainable feelings boil in my heart in the way I process the visual, touch, sound, light and many other things.

Now I begin to understand it from Children with autism may benefit from weighted backpacks at school article. I begin to understand the reason my parents are worried about me. They do not understand about autism. However, I still want to improve myself for my Lord Jesus and contribute to the society. But now I need step by step guidance in my faith, family and work.

Dread Weighing Machine

Unlike normal girls
Unusual among the common girls
I have the tendency of
Avoiding weighing machine most of the time
Dreading of
Standing on the weighing machine

Standing on the weighing machine
Dreads me all the time
Insecure feeling sips in
Fearing escalating weight
Tearing me apart
That’s me

Inspiration On: Thursday, 9 January 2014 at 3:14am

Recently, I begin to lose weight and look slimmer. As I recount my feelings, this poetry is birthed out with the last two lines of the first stanza. I hope all of you enjoy my poetry and to give me your comments and opinions.