Bad Fruits & MRT

Bad Fruits

A devout God fearing Christian man had been visiting various churches. Then he entered into a church. There are many plantations in that church. Suddenly, a pastor with grey moustache reaches the gate of the church building. He enters into it to search the man. He explains to him the three different kinds of fruits at the sides of the building are good fruits. However, the dark purple grapes that grew at the wall of the pulpit is bad fruit that did not come from God. The church service commenced with celebrating breaking bread and drinking red wine to remember Jesus. Three church workers drank it and fell down. The pastor warned the man to quickly leave the church building before evening and fell down. The man immediately rushed out and leaves home.

Evening cloud shadow covered the church building. The three church workers were transformed into a monster and running amok around the churches. The pastor struggled to refuse his transformation. His nostril was enlarge and his whole body was transformed into a wolf. His consciousness of Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour kept him from running wild. All he could think of his own family members. When it was midnight, his body transformed back to its original form and he returned home to meet his wife. His understanding wife continually support him and have faith in their Lord Jesus Christ and the God-fearing man.

At the appointed time, the man came to the pastor’s house. His presence was enough to enliven the pastor and his wife’s house atmosphere. He explained to him and protected him and own wife to stay in a room from the coming troops that came from the evil one. The pastor chose to stay on the table for losing his strength and covered himself with a red cloth. He felt ashamed of hid bodily transformation to be seen. The troops came to search for the man, but to no avail. The man came out of the room to find the pastor. He chanced upon the table where the pastor laid on. One of the troop held the pastor tightly to let his transformation be seen by the man. “Nooo!” was the pastor’s cry in embarrassment as his nostril enlarges and transformed into wolf. The man compassionately held him looking with gentle eyes. That gave the pastor the courage to attack the black soldier. That cause the other troops to vanish. The pastor was immediately transformed into human again. His wife helped to peel the scales of his whole body. His wife and the man welcomed him back delightedly. The pastor and wife were grateful to God and appreciate the man.

Entering the MRT

A middle aged auntie was talking to me on the train platform. The MRT had arrived. We entered it. There were many people sitting on the two opposite benches. There were two empty seats in-between the bench. So I let her sit on it and waved goodbye without realising  my business mentor entered to sit besides the auntie. Then I alighted at the next stop.


  1. The devil is planting a bad seed into my son.
  2. To recognise those who still fear God whose body are smeared by the world.
  3. What is being done in secret is exposed to God and one day is going to be exposed by mankind.