A Soft Sharp Noise

How to do the
Account receivable job
My close friend is there with me

A soft sharp noise
Instill fears
Into my heart
Seeking the Lord
Calmness enters my heart and mind

The soft sharp noise
Jesus’ peace keeps me calm
Letting my ears identify its source
My friend’s nostril

Ask her question
Is that your breathing sound?
She confirms it and is baffled of my ears
Beginning to understand the reason I feel overwhelmed
Understanding each other better

Inside I really
Thank the Lord
To learn to clarify and find the truth
Despite my assumptions
Own assumptions can either be wrong or correct

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My friend is guiding me how to do the accounting receivable job. A Low frequency noise scares me. It occurs when I’m with my friend who is my colleague also. Today, I thank the Lord to reveal that the strange low frequency voice is her breathing sound.

I ask to clarify, “Is that your breathing sound?”

“You can hear my breathing sound?” She is baffled I can hear.

I answer, “Yes. I thought what sound is that?”

“No wonder the company’s noise overwhelm you,” she answers knowing I use ear plugs whenever I work.

Quietly, I feel comforted that it doesn’t come from the evil one. Because I ever saw demons.

Now my fear is cleared. I feel more at ease. Lord Jesus, thank You for the self-restraint and to find out the matter.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Company Chop Merry Go Round

Requirements to fill form
Then the company will receive payment
Last procedure is
The company chop

Supervisor asks AP colleague
Then he instructs me to another department
I explain and ask for the company chop
The man doesn’t hold it
Therefore points to his lady colleague
She doesn’t hold it
And point to the AP colleague

My frustrated supervisor announces
Who is holding company chop?
An HQ colleague owns it
Resolution is made
Through the courier colleague
Return after use it
Through the courier
Instructing me to seek facility
Produce two more company chop

Inspiration On: Thursday, 9 June 2016

My supervisor asks an AP colleague for company chop. He doesn’t have and points to another colleague from another department. I ask that colleague. He doesn’t have and point me to his lady colleague. She also doesn’t have so she points back to AP colleague. In the end, my supervisor asks everybody who has company chop. A colleague from HQ raises her hand. She has it. He explains a merchant requires us to fill their form as vendor and company chop. Then the merchant will pay. She’ll pass to the our courier colleague to deliver to us. However, we need to return it to her through the courier colleague.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Disharmony from Inside

Sight of someone ticks you off
Continue to dwell in it
Likewise jealousy
Continue to dwell in it
Bullying occurs
In family
In school
In workplace
In society
Among races
Among countries

Abuse others
Bullying others
To make oneself feels good
Abuser feels superior

Don’t abusers think that
They impose pain to the abused
Instil the abusee hatred
Abusee may or may not commit suicide
Before or after strife with
The abuser

Inspiration Ends On: Monday, 23 September 2013 from 10:44am to 10:55am