Creativity (poem)

Even though I am an adult, I still enjoy it.


Creativity poem by Michelle Sherlock, illustrated with a picture she cut out and coloured in


Creativity is child’s play

Imagination running wild and free

Or channelled  through you and me

Healing colour flowing from head to tip

Releasing light and form

Where once was darkness

Tumultuous life drowns the void

Fulfilling you and me

A mind wandering free

Colouring between and

beyond the lines

Finally free

© Michelle Sherlock 3/4/15

Poem written in my journal along with my very therapeutic colouring of a picture from the “Love you Mum doodle and dream” book by Christina Rose

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5 thoughts on “Creativity (poem)

  1. Thank you my friend for all the great works you do here in helping to share the Word of God in Jesus name. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly as you walk into your divine destiny carrying your cross so that others will come to know and love the Lord. Have a Happy Easter in Jesus name, Amen!

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