I am surprised Harban addresses me as Madame in our every conversations. 

This is just my question to everyone. 
Do I sound like a small kid or Madame in my poetry? πŸ˜™ 

I am seeking the truth in my writings and poetry. πŸ˜—

I need all your honest truth. 

Thank you. 

34 thoughts on “Madame

  1. Nope , I hear madame , I think brothels lol but I,m old, I think you come across as a young lady between 18 to 25 if wrong please shoot me now loll take care be safe

  2. A highly respectable woman of a certain stature that’s what Madame means to me. Well, i’m not wikipedia or webster but in our culture, calling someone Madame is a sign of respect. Your age? Regardless of your age i believe you’re a very respectable lady.

      • well had you not told us that you have a toddle I would have placed you somewhere in teenage, round about seventeen/eighteen, but as you have told you have a four year old son I will think you are somewhere around 21-22 (not more than that)… are you?

        Then internet can be quite deceptive, there are people who argue with me that I am a young girl or old woman or worse ones think I am a man (there are quite a hefty number of them in my past).

  3. I have been reading posts from yhis lovely soul as well and I guess this gentleman is being polite to address a lady as madame since we knew that you are already a mother. It would sound odd to address you as ‘miss’ when the person is aware of your marital status.

    Anyway, whether a ‘miss’ or a ‘madame’, your writings have given me an impression of a lady who is trying her best to become a better person, wife and mother but being confused and frustrated at times.

    Anyway, I do love your writings as you’ve expressed yourself (happy, sad, confused, compassionate…etc) very well via those words and at times, I am having the same feelings after reading them.

    Just keep your blogging going for you never know how those sharings can sometimes help a person who might stumble upon them.

    Happy blogging, my dear lady friend! Cheers! ☺

  4. I believe you sound in between a child and a madame, someone who is still growing and wants to learn all she can.

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