WordPress Reader

Do you ever feel something is lacking in wordpress? 

It will be great if there is another section to show the posts we follow and haven’t read. Because I do not want to miss out everyone’ posts. 😤 

Another problem is the missing reblog button! Obviously, this infuriates me for not being to reblog the posts! 😡

My friend is exploring storehouse app. Though she prefers wordpress more, she finds a good feature in it. Red dots with notifications show the unread followed posts. However, she feels it is better to have another tab to show red dots for those who like her posts and leave their comments. 

Do you agree with my opinions on wordpress? Do you ever hear about storehouse app?

15 thoughts on “WordPress Reader

  1. I have re-blogged just this week. Is it possible it is in the settings of the ones you are following? You should contact WP tech, they are really easy to talk to and get questions answered.

  2. I contacted Support about the re-blog button. Thy said they were working on the black strip and the reblog is next to the Like button – if the author has it set in his Settings to be allowed.

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