People With Autism May Be More Creative: Study

TechTimes begin with the notion that autistic people tend to produce quality over quantity. I agree. Now, my friends and I begin to understand ourselves better. We are often feel upset on our lack of quantity in our work. However, our teachers feel we have unusual ideas. But we able to solve the problems. 😝 We thank our Lord to able to solve the problems by contributing our part. 

12 thoughts on “People With Autism May Be More Creative: Study

  1. Dedication to ideas and concepts might be rigid at first. Less quantity and quality depends but give it some time and energy and you can end up with something unique and worth reviewing and revisiting.

    When people underestimate genuine dedication let them. You show them what you are capable off and they learn. In the mean time you are already moving on…

  2. I believe God is a God of balance, fair play and justice. If you do not have one gift, you have another that balances things up. People who do not have visual impairment, for instance, lack certain abilities that people with visual impairment have. Hence, what you say about autistic persons may not be far from the truth.

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