Talking over the same things again

I ask my business mentor for feedback on my coloured logo designs. Upon reaching there, there is a cup of ginger tea mixed with chrysanthemum tea powder. She points the inconsistency of the front boat to my sketch. My sketch is much better. So I immediately correct it and show it to her. Then she questions my parents’ comment about the qwasha marks at my arms. I tell her as it is happened. My mum was shocked and asked me loudly on the bruises at my arms. Dad calms her down and mentioned Nenhok (my cousin) Jin Fong due to qwasha then blown by the air. My reply was to ask her to qwasha my arms. Strange that she is concerned of my parents’ opinion about my bruised arms. That shows they don’t understand the purpose of qwasha. Then she reminds to use the heater after qwasha. She states a professor teaches on meridian therapy after doing many years of research. She mentions qwasha can be a business. Her friend who is in the business warn of being blamed by those who don’t understand qwasha. So it dissuades her to do such business.

I feel like telling her. Why do you let others’ opinion hurt and stop you? Since it benefits others and her to heal naturally, do so. Everybody has their own opinion.

The way she looks at me is that I can’t communicate clearly. It feels so depressing. Is my effort to learn to communicate clearly pointless? in the text message, I ask her “In which part are you unhappy with me?” Then I carry on, “On Tuesday night when I blow my hair for the first time, everyone is shocked.” I feel so disappointed when she tells me that her career counselor is hers. So I reply her that she is the one who introduces him to me. She replies that he is doing the favour for her for our startup.l to search for a team. At the first place, I have been wondering. Is it wrong for me to open myself to her? When she doesn’t reply to my question, “Are you tired of me due to my lack of communication ability?” I feel rejected. During my depression, she comforts me and encourages me to stand up. The Lord makes me realize that there are still Christians who live in His Word. Now due to my limited experience in business, I keep on talking about the same things over and over again. She feels upset. How should I do?

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