Humbled to Confess

Living among the unbelievers
Being the first one to be saved
For more than ten years weary me
Influencing my life
Tend to put down my faith
Losing the meeting time with believers

Losing myself many times
Pressing on in my faith in Jesus
Crying to Jesus
Holding on to Jesus
Choosing to love
Though made mistakes along the way
Confused with too many people
Confused with too many demands of life
Scared with the nightmare as a warning
Cause me to depend on God’s providence to
Run away unscathed from the chains of darkness

Raising my white flag
To confess to
A sister in Christ who pushes me back to
The flock of Jesus
Whom the Lord comforts me four times
Preventing me from developing sociophobia
Pouring me more courage to persist to
Contribute my part for His kingdom

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 10 November 2015 at 11:30pm

Finally, I confess to a sister in Christ to seek for a spiritual warfare pastor for guidance through WhatsApp. This is so humbling. She is my business mentor. Upon hearing my confession, she instantly email me the class. However, I couldn’t attend due to not the member of her home church. Oh no! After I send her the prompt, she helps me to find out the matter. In the end, she sends me her CG Leader contact. I feel at a loss so I ask her, “Yes. How do I say to her?” She explains her understanding of me wanting to sign up for the class. Until it frustrates her, “And yet you can ask me what to say! Am I talking to a kid???!” I feel so embarrassed of myself. Then she moves me, “She is expecting you to contact her.” Finally, I text her and she calls me. We are meeting this Saturday. I feel relieved.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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