Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure
Mostly quoted idiom
Very few people mean it
Most people quote it so well
The fact is few people really care

Once the weaker ones
Speak out
Seeking help

The stronger ones
Put it down
Push it aside
Overlook it

Refuse to stretch out
Their hearts, feet and hands
Forget the idiom
Prevention is better than cure

As the weaker ones
Welling tears dry up
Tired of speaking
Hitting the head against the wall

Until a truly caring person
Willingly stretch out help to the weak
Who attempt to stand up again
The weak faces all disadvantages

Needing the Saviour’s intervention
Who gives many opportunities
Through the people who truly reach out
To the weak to stand up

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Lately, I am pissed off with someone who quotes, “prevention is better than cure”. However, when someone is slightly sick, he/she is being chided for making noise. Therefore, I feel the person who speaks it out is contradicting. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Peace and Prioritization

Before I go out
Parents want to speak
My time is often disturbed

In a respectful tone in Christ’s strength
Speak out for the main point
Due to time issue

They understand and cooperate
Pointing their ways to prioritize family
Peace from Holy Spirit keep me still

Discernment enters
Knowing own weaknesses
Agree certain ways to prioritize

Overcommitment wearies the body
Rest are needed
To share God’s love to others

Own spirit glues to Lord Jesus
Dictating own soul and body
Body wearies and disrupt whole system

Now learning to say no
In order to reserve body energy
To live for Christ

Chronic migraine worsen lately
Pain throbs and tighten
Body cries in pain

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I want to bring my son out with me. But he complains stomachache. After he consumes medication, he farts and feel better. Dad and mum tells me not to bring him out. If anything happens, my husband will blame me. Therefore, I ask my son whether to bring him out. Quietly, he and I submit to my parents. His silence shows his understanding of my difficulty. Then they tell me to come home earlier. Before I go out, they tell me to sit down and listen to them. Dad says that he and mum are different but he never stops mum from going to temple and bring the children there too. Mum advises me to care the family first. However, he complains my mum to always go out. However, he forgets that he always went out during younger days. She voices out her assumptions on me. Not to be like my business mentor. That pisses me off. Don’t always go for church activities. That also pisses me off. I thank God to be quiet. Then I speak out that I meet people to ask for job opportunities. They and their assumptions. In fact, I should have listened to God and stop the courtship. It’s better to listen to God.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Understand yet Misunderstand

Most people tend
To listen with own assumptions
Understanding based on their experiences
Awaiting to give their suggestions

Such cause more relationships conflicts
Parents and elderly
Choose to forget their own ordeal
Thus children are exasperated

The vicious cycle continues

Inspiration On: Sunday, 3 January 2016

I am late to wake up at 8:30am. I praise God for the immediacy to go to church service at nearby church for spiritual food and late around 15 minutes. Though I fall asleep in the sermon due to lack of sleep, I thank the Lord to get the message to find life in the Spirit stated in Romans 8:1-17. Indeed I can find life in the Holy Spirit. I feel His deep love. In the flesh, I feel so weak. I can add that I feel suicidal due to my weaknesses and wishing the Lord to take me home. Now, I have been forgetting certain things. Though mum helps me to apply acupressure onto the points, she encourages me to do it myself. Does she know when my hands lose strength? Do I have to tell her? Then I question her understanding of me. All along she thought I write with my right hand. That shows she doesn’t fully understand me. After she does so, I can sense the electric current in my fingers flowing. And I feel better.

Mako and SS ever mentioned that only them take the time to understand me. But they don’t fully understand me also.

Finally, I see the fruits WhatsApp status from my business mentor’s messages. She is concerned of me to get a job. Lord, what do you want me to do first? Social enterprise or the full time job first? Should I speak to get the volunteers from Facebook group.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Testimony Turn

Extreme encouragement through testimonies
So delighted in hearing the Lord’s goodness

Two testimonies speak in my heart

Being appalled in my cell leader’s life
Dealing with depression
Living in denial of her husband’s death
Minister to the depressed
Willingness to step into leadership
Believing the Lord to provide
The Lord provides

Attempting to testify on the Lord’s providence
With the right words
Before my turn
Still can’t find the right words
Until my turn
Tossing the microphone away
Only to be passed back to me
By faith I speak
Seeking God for His guidance to communicate
Forced to admit my autism
Testifying God’s strength and goodness
In every area of my weaknesses

A cell member in another cell group
Whom I ever be her advocate
Towards her cell leader
Who misunderstood her faith for missing
Cell group and church services
Due to being bullied in her workplace
Testify the Lord to hear her every prayers
That shows the Lord’s burden in my heart to be her advocate

Enter into reflection mode
What is God doing in my life?
Being a leader
Being an advocate
Being pushed to the frontline
Without realizing it
A reluctant leader who only want God
Who enjoys to be a follower attitude

Inspiration On: Saturday, 2 January 2016

In the CG thanksgiving party, I feel so encouraged with other people’s testimonies. SS’s testimony catches my heart so much. she deals with depression due living in denial of her husband’s death that happened 5 years ago. Upon acknowledging her husband’s death, she is willing to step into leadership and let the Lord to provide the fishes. Then she helps Josephine to deal with her depression and begins the cell group for her. She is surprised by Pli’s strong commitment to open her house for the woodlands CG. Her testimony speaks into my heart. Yes! One day I need to step into leadership in my household, job and cell group too.

When it comes to my turn, I just want to pass it. But the microphone is passed to me to testify about God’s goodness for year 2015. Because I am caught unprepared and can’t find the right words. I felt so humbled to admit my autism until I begin to acknowledge it. I testify the Lord’s strength and goodness in a lot of areas of my weaknesses especially in my expressions in writing. My business mentor’s feedback that my writing and I are like two different persons. I hate to admit that I run away from home. How the Lord changes my parents’ perceptions for me to enter workforce. I can’t stand the way others look at me. Deep inside, I feel awful. LT’s eyes look teary and full of compassion. For year 2016 goals in the Lord is for His wisdom and discernments when to say no, improve my communication skills and get a job.

Jenn (who can’t make it to Mako’s door to door evangelism) testifies the Lord’s goodness to hear her every cry. Then in the middle of the night I text message Mako, “Thank God to hear Jenn’s testimony. As expected that Jenn is still trusting in the Lord and the Lord hears her every cry.”

I’m surprised of LT to announce the coming marriage encounter in April. I’m awaiting for it. SS encourages me to bring my husband. I hope he can truly be saved.

When the clock struck 3 o’clock, the party ends and I am ready to go to the airport. Unexpectedly, Mako’s husband and her are giving me a lift. Ann also takes the same car with me. As we wait for them, she talks with me. In the car, she compliments me for being smart. I feel so uplifted and being honest with her that she hasn’t seen the real me. My business mentor has seen the real me until explains to me to work first. It is due to half understand about business and my financial constraints.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Convey Message

Approach another cell leader in person
Whom I ever assist her
In door to door evangelism

The quiet dog looking at us
Its expression impresses me many times
Only to be misunderstood

Asking the Lord to enable me to articulate
Cuing her to return to that unit
Reach out to that household again

Inspiration On: Saturday, 2 January 2016

In the CG thanksgiving party, I immediately inform Mako that the household unit with the dog. That quiet dog looking at us. It impresses me a lot. It is attempting to convey a message. She misunderstood my message. She can pray for the dog. Inside my heart, “NO! That’s not what I mean.” I ask God for help to explain again. The dog is trying to convey something. I ask her to reach out to that household again. I feel so concerned of that household. course, concern is a love in action. At night, I inform her again through the text message. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Concern in Action

Being concerned of her safety
Quietly move to another side towards the road
Only to be interrogated
“Are you trying to be a hero?”

Desiring to protect her
Along the road full of cars passing by
“I can take care of myself.”
Do I do anything wrong?

Inspiration On: Friday, 1 January 2016

I just don’t understand my business mentor. Why did she told me off yesterday? “Are you trying to be a hero?” I just don’t understand her. I just walk near the road. I want to protect her from the car. I’m being concerned of her well being. Her reply is, “I can take care of myself.” Please tell me where did I do wrong? Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Hard Truth

Compliments my writing
Questioning my inconsistency
In writing and in person

Speechless and wonder
What is God doing?
My Lord, what are Your doing?

Throwing hard truths about
People’s true colours
Enable me to see them as it is

When to walk away
Observing the approachable moment
And red light

All these needs
Strong relationship with God
Trusting in His hands of protection

Inspiration On: Thursday, 31 December 2015

My business mentor is concerned about my marriage. She suggests to go for marriage counselling and the telling me not to be rigid. She hasn’t understand the whole situation. I showed my affection to him by implementing my home church teaching to give him a kiss after quarrel. He felt uneasy reminding him Judas Iscariot who was ready to betray Jesus. However, I choose to keep quiet about it. Then she accompanies ne to meet someone about project. I reveal I am more interested in permanent. After the meeting, she feels that it is a waste of her time. Then she reveals the truth about the advisor we ever met. He wants to make love with her. Since then, she stops meeting him. Oh no! Why doesn’t she tell me earlier? This reminds me of my parents who keep me in the dark about my husband’s family members. When I was going to get married at Sabah, his sister left my parents and siblings. Then they walk by themselves and spot her in the McDonald with her son. Recently, my parents began to divulge it. However, they respect the sanctity of marriage. No wonder, I suffer the consequences due to my naivety. I also doesn’t want my husband to burn in hell for the sake of accompanying his mother. I choose to speak by faith from the proclamation paper that Sherrley Seah gives. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Learn Prioritization

Eleven tasks lists are before me
Reminded of the webinar
How to prioritize
Choosing three most crucial tasks to complete

Intend to send resume
Only to wait for HR friend to reply
On my resume writing
Thus list those whom to contact

Prioritization is relearned
Broken common sense pieces gradually recover
Appreciate cell leader’s effort
Sending daily Biblical podcast by Joyce Meyer

A lady loves the Lord
Applying and proclaiming
God’s Words in her daily lives
Bringing glory to Jesus

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 30 December 2015

I go to the library and begin to prioritize on my blogging. It feels so comfortable to choose the table facing the window. I learn to go through the resume preparation booklet; list down on the friends and people to approach for jobs; write down in what I need to say during the interview. Inside, I feel more enthusiasm to write and publish more posts. Though I only manage to tick off three tasks, I feel more fulfilled rather than upset. I learn to follow up more with my online writers’ friends.

When I bring the helper to the library and she looks for her own fashion book, a woman suddenly approaches me. She asks for the proper English words for a maid. Suddenly, thank God t be able o give her the correct words “domesticate helper”. Next, I ask her the reason. She replies to print a name card to get a job.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Honesty in Comedy

Poking fun
Flirty eyes and smile
Comedically peeping into my coat lapel

Meaning to beware
Though outwardly cover my chest
Giving a message

Bending posture can give
The wrong signal
Thus exposing myself

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The business partner God blesses me with has altered the black altered dress Misa gives. She brings it to SS’s hair salon. She ties a mini hook onto the clothes to cover up my chest. I appreciate her effort. I wear it and return to SS’s hair salon. It seems looser than previously. So I ask her whether she edits all the button. She answers no and that shows I slightly lose my weight. Then Misa pokes fun on me that people can still see my chest. Business partner tells her not to scare me. I appreciate Misa’s honesty to explain that people can still see my chest if I bend down. SS, Business partner and Misa feel that I look good in it and appreciate their honesties. They are really God’s blessings.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Enthusiasm Re-Sparks

Nobody at home except the helper
Proclaiming God’s Words and promises
Change working environment

Quiet place
An air-conditioned space
Power outlets at the wall

Students study
Few senior citizens study
Relearn to prioritize

Two artworks completion
Give a sense of accomplishment
Enthusiasm sparks and increases

Thanks be to God for
His strength and being with His people
Daily scripture proclamation

Inspiration On: Monday, 28 December 2015

On yesterday’s dad’s opinion and jump to conclusions, I choose to learn to prioritize my time and to do work out of home.

I learn to proclaim God’s Words and promises. Then I leave the house. When I work on my portfolio in the library, I feel more at peace. Upon completing two animated designs, There is an increase in enthusiasm.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.