Gratitude and Satisfaction

See three missed calls
Return the call
Government education staff guides me
Through the registration process
Grateful of the guidance
Seek my permission for password
To complete my registration form

My close friend calls
Inform her boss wants to interview me
Monday evening
Heart is filled with gratitude to
My Lord and Saviour
Grateful beyond measure
After falling flat onto my face

Someone whom I have helped
Seek my permission to give me a call
Afraid of being asked for more
In the end I return his missed call
Unexpected he passes his module and
Saying “thank you” and sounding respectful
Satisfied to be appreciated

Inspiration On: Thursday, 10 March 2016

The education government staff calls to guide me how to fill in the registration form. When I am stuck in the one section, she asks my permission for my login password. Then she helps me to check my details and answer that part. I feel so thankful.

A classmate calls me to thank me for helping him in his financial module. Lord, I feel so appreciated. That’s enough and it creates a satisfied feeling to be of help. Then he asks me how to get the government award and the subsidy.

CMF, my close friend, calls that her boss wants me to go for interview on Monday evening for the temporary 6 months job. She emails me all the interview details.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Appreciation and Collaboration

Zealous to contribute to God’s kingdom
In the body of Christ
Cell leader’s daily verse proclamation
I put it into graphic
She misunderstands my good intention
Feel pressurized to learn
Twice I need to explain my contribution
Speechless of her misunderstanding
And realizing my slowness too
Attune to realize my closer
Connection towards
Older generation
Rather than
Younger generations

Meeting a senior citizen business owner
Settling her book cover design
Appreciate her gratitude to
Treat lunch and dessert
For my help
Throughout the collaboration
I enjoy our
Personal interaction
Clearing misunderstanding
Finalize the design according to her vision
Improve it to make it more astounding

Inspiration On: Friday, 29 January 2016

Out of enthusiasm, I continue to put SS’s scripture proclamation into picture. She seems pressurized, “Thanks, butI have not time to do this at the moment.”

“You are welcome. All those are for us to keep and proclaim besides of writing it down. That’s the best reminder. That’s why I put it into graphic. Please don’t misunderstand me.” I answer abruptly.

She replies, “Will learn from you after new year.”

“No worries. Because I have been doing this for my ministry work and for others as well to edify one another.” I attempt to explain my contribution.

Unexpectedly, she compliments me, “No worries , it is very useful and helpful and very thoughtful of you. I would like to learn from you. Thank you very much.”

“You are most welcome. Just a small gesture. We have different giftings to complement each other. So I want to do my part.” I explain my part.

Again she thanks me, “You are most welcome.”

“You are most welcome.” I answer appreciatively.

Then I go and meet BL to work on her book cover. In the end, I design the article and appreciate her honesty to say to ask other people to contribute in her book cover design too. I don’t mind to be shared from equity based. She willingly renders her help to do editing. I enjoy our collaboration in the designing part.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Initiative Motivation

Desire to help
Motivated to improve
Stepping up to make an initiative
Suggestions and doings
More than the required work
Improve the business presentation

Inspiration On: Friday, 13 November 2015 at 11:47pm

Thank God and appreciate my new boss’ patience and guidance. She lets me understand the whole picture and reveal to me she is in the planning department. I begin to understand and see the big picture. When I see her, I see myself working non-stop and not care of my body rest.

My business mentor signs me up for the women’s entrepreneurship for the U.S. Embassy talk in four days time. I feel so shocked because that is my children’s book deadline and to meet BL. After I think through, I will ask her to give me the news. I need to complete the children’s book especially the animation script. Thank God for the courage to tell her.

I feel so happy for my new lady boss to appreciate my creativity. I begin to have the courage to share my suggestion to improve the package posting to give the customers a good impression. Strange for my business mentor to come into the picture dictating the entrepreneurs to exercise and eat healthily.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Sketch My Business Mentor

The interest to research my business mentor’s photos through her Facebook. More photos are added. Year 2013 and 2014. She looks her best. One of the photo shows a kid writes her compassionate. My parents are too much to judge from outside looks. Thank God to see her as the Lord sees her. She looks kind and full of laughter. None of her photos look so gentle shown in my dream. Strange. I just can’t find any suitable photos for practice. Finally, I filter it into three photos. I feel so comfortable and feels so happy to sketch with pencil. It is likened to return to my first joy in sketching and drawing. In the end, I attempt to find her facial alignment. Thank God to find the correct facial alignment and attempt to draw the feelings she show in my dream. I thank the Lord for her and appreciate her time. During the sketching, I can sense God’s presence in my heart getting stronger.